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BGN 0 - BGN 184

Floor cleaning tools

Floor tools for professional cleaning.

Mops and frames for wet mopping and disinfection. Flat mops with tabs/flabs or pocket made of cotton, microfiber or mixed. The mops and the frames are desighned for wet cleaning of hard floors.

Mops and frames for damp mopping and disinfection (43)

Cotton or acrylic mops for dust mopping and frames. Cotton or acrylic V-sweepers for sweeping and dusting or large areas in trade centers, office buildings, hypermarkets.

Dust mops, frames, V-sweepers (12)

Socket mops made of cotton, microfiber or viscose for handles with Italian screw.

Socket mops (9)

Velcro system mops and frames for cleaning and disinfection of floors or walls.

VELCRO mops and frames (8)

Hygienic, convinient and effective, the disposable mops are used for washing, dusting and disinfaction.

Disposable mops (2)

Anodized aluminium handle with 3 holes for all kinds of mop frames. Aluminium handle with screw and 2 holes. Plastic coated metal hahdle with Italian screw. Wooden handle with srew for industrial brooms.

Hadles (7)

Brooms for indoor or outdoor sweeping. Dustpans with or without cover. Hard and soft brushes for sweeping, scrubbing of floors and surfaces, washing carpets.

Brooms, brushes and dustpans (9)

Floor squeegee to be used on hard floor for drying and removing excess water.

Floor squeegees (3)

Abrazive pads used with plastic support for removing tough dirt from hard floors and surfaces.

Abrazive pads and pad holders (7)

Sets for floor washing in the professional cleaning sector or in the household. Perfect for floor cleaning in offices, stores, hostitals, schools, etc ...

Sets for floor washing (8)

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