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BGN 0 - BGN 422

Wringer trolleys, buckets, wringers and carry baskets

Wringer trolleys and buckets for floor mopping in hotels, hospitals, schools, offices. Carry baskets for detergents amd accessories. Spare buckets and wringers.

Cleaning trolleys for washing and disincation of hard floors. Buckets and wringers for cleaning trolleys. Single and double buckets with sieve for socket mops.

Cleaning trolleys and buckets (16)

Spare buckets for cleaning wringer trolleys.

Buckets for wringer trolleys (7)

Side-press and down-press wringers for cleaning trolleys.

Wringers for cleaning trolleys (4)

Carry baskets for accessories and detergents for housekeeping.

Carry baskets (2)

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