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HairoBrush vacuum tool

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The pet owner's best friend.

The unique Numatic  HairoBrush has been designed to give excellent pick up performance both on the floor and on the upholstery. The unit is 190 mm wide and it is perfect for cleaning stairs. The HairoBrush uses the suction of the vacuum cleaner to spin an internal turbo wheel that beats carpet fibres and draws out any dog, cat or human hairs that may be present.

Underneath the unit there is an opening for cleaning the hairs from the internal turbo brush to ensure its 100% spin speed. The brush has a blade slot to run a knife down to cut any hair etc that  has become wrapped around the brush.

Suitable for all standard 32 mm diameter pipes. It is suitable not only for Henry, Hetty, James, Charles, George machines but it fits onto almost any vacuum cleaner with 32 mm tubes. If you have pets the Hairo brush may be just the thing you need to boost the cleaning performance of your existing vacuum cleaner.

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